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EV97 EuroStar


  • Modern & Robust Design Proven by 25+ Year Operation Track
  • Equipped with the latest Glass Cockpit & Avionics Systems
  • 1300 km Range, up to 285 kg Useable Load & 285 l Baggage Volume
  • Outstanding Control Harmonies of Training Aircraft, Proven Ability to Recover from Spin
  • Popular for UL Pilot Training, Glider & Banner Towing
  • Uncompromising Quality from EASA Certified Manufacturer
  • Sales Success in 50 Countries Worldwide
Operated by more than a thousand pilots

Fleet of 1000+ delivered aircraft

25+ year of operation by private pilots and in demanding environment of flight schools, type certifications / approvals by authorities worldwide, make the Eurostar aircraft one of the most proven advanced UL aircraft on the market.

The aircraft is available in several versions complying with aviation rules for UL aircraft in the European coutnries, including  the latest German DAeC LTF-UL600, DGAC 525 kg MTOW UL rule in France and 600 kg MTOW UL rule in the United Kingdom. In the UK the aircraft is sold under trade name „SportStar SLM“ having airframe design based on EASA CS-LSA.

ADAM COUBAL gives some insight into Evektor's HARMONY LSA

Alion Aviation's Founder and CEO, is a firm believer that the Evektor Harmony is the best fight training aircraft on the market.  We were fortunate to get a few minutes of Adam's time to give us a quick overview.

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The EuroStar SL is without doubt a successful and attractive upgrade realized by Evektor. The low wing is a fusion of its predecessor´s flight qualities with a highly modern look. The complete package of innovations adds to the distinctive charm of the EuroStar SL.

EuroStar SL - Flight test in Aerokurier, Germany

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