After Sales Services

Everything for smooth operation and safety

Evektor has over 50 years of experience in product support, servicing a fleet of 1,400+ aircraft in more than 50 countries worldwide, providing customer support to flight schools, aeroclubs and private individuals.

By purchasing an Evektor-Aerotechnik aircraft you´re not only getting an aircraft of excellent value, but also the benefits of professional product support.

What is offered in the service

Do you have an older type of aircraft to be upgraded? New "coat" or interior improvement? All this and much more is offered by our aircraft service.

Interior + avionics
  • carpet replacement
  • renewal of seats for a higher and more comfortable type
  • upholstery in fabric and leather
  • replacement of handles, knobs and laminate accessories
  • installation of a tablet holder
  • modernisation of the dashboard - from alarm clocks to digital instruments
  • replacement of electrical equipment
  • installation of instruments according to the customer's wishes

Awesome Team

Awesome Team

Exterior + systems
  • aircraft paint restoration
  • replacement of parts with limited service life
What else you can order from us:
  • warranty and post-warranty maintenance
  • carrying out technical inspections and bulletins
  • implementation of structural modifications on aircraft
  • repairs after a hard landing
  • retrofitting of e.g. rescue system or towing equipment
  • sale of spare parts
  • technical consultancy

Awesome Team


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