EV-55 Outback

EV-55 Outback

Equipment and features

Aircraft Prototype

The Outback offers uncompromising operational versatility. With the largest cabin volume in its category and comfortable seats, the EV-55 provides the highest standard of passenger comfort. Alternatively, the cabin can be packed with cargo, with convenient loading ensured by the wide door.

Two PT6A-21 turboprop engines together with a robust aluminum primary structure offer an excellent solution in terms of reliability and safety. Rest assured, the aircraft will serve reliably through all 30,000 flight hours.

The Outback gives the operator a strong and productive asset – a real money maker. High speed together with the spacious cabin bring much higher productivity than obsolete piston twins or even single turboprop aircraft.

Exceptional operational capabilities even in hot and high altitude conditions, long range or short take-off and landing distances. The robust landing gear with large tires allows operation on grass or on rain soaked unpaved airfields. The reliable and proven de-icing system provides safety in freezing conditions where other aircraft often face serious problems.

The all-metal design makes repairs easy. All key hydraulic & electric system components are easily accessible as they are closely spaced in the landing gear nacellers, or in the nose of the aircraft. No stairs or ladders are therefore necessary.

The advanced integrated avionics system provides unprecedented situation awareness to make flying intuitive, easy and safe during all phases of flight.

Technical specifications

14.35 m/47.47 ft
Wing Span
16.10 m/52.82 ft
4.66 m/15.28 ft
HTU Span
4.80 m/15.75 ft
Baggage Weight
R: 250 kg/551 lbs; F: 100 kg/221 lbs
Nose wheel tire (dual tire)
5.00 - 5 in
Fuel Tank Volume
1,930 litres/510 U.S. gal
Wheel base
4.17 m/13.68 ft
Wheel track
2.92 m/9.58 ft
Main wheel tire
8.50 - 10 in
EV-55 Outback

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