June 21, 2021

Aerodynamics and the new ŠKODA FABIA

Aerodynamics and the new ŠKODA FABIA

The latest model of the ŠKODA FABIA boasts a best-in-class drag coefficient of 0.28, making it the most aerodynamically efficient small car in its segment.

Improved aerodynamic properties mean a better handling of the vehicle, lower fuel consumption and lower emission levels.

Whilst aerodynamic performance is the result of an interplay of shapes and proportions of all car parts, a few "separate" features come into play that were designed and developed alongside Evektor engineers- air curtains and specially optimised wheels.

The air curtains, for one, reduce wind drag by guiding airflow through the front bumper. The wheel optimisation through plastic inserts is also a first for this model.

Aerodynamic performance was tested and tuned through CFD simulations. After around 3,000 simulations (and long story short), the ŠKODA FABIA pulled of the attention-worthy and lowest drag coefficient in its class.

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