September 17, 2015

EASA approves constant speed propeller KW-31 for SportStar RTC

EASA approves constant speed propeller KW-31 for SportStar RTC

The SportStar RTC has become the first EASA CS-LSA certified aircraft with an approved Constant Speed Propeller. The major change approval of KW-31 Constant Speed Propeller installation was issued by EASA on September 9th.

Installation of the KW-31 offers enhancement of the SportStar RTC´s performance parameters, an increase of horizontal speeds and better fuel economy compared to the standard ground adjustable Klassic propeller.

The 3-blade, wooden-composite, electrically controlled, constant speed propeller KW-31 manufactured by the company Woodcomp gained EASA Type Certification (EASA.P.177) on February 18, 2014.

Orders for the SportStar RTC from air clubs and PPL flight training organizations continue to increase. The company shall deliver the first 4 aircraft with the installed constant speed propeller KW-31 in September. 2 SportStar RTCs will be delivered to the popular flight training organization Sky Flight Academy from Krems in Austria, 1 aircraft will be delivered to an air club in Poland and the KW-31 will also be installed in a SportStar RTC operated in air clubs in France.  

The modern design, advanced glass cockpit, ballistic recovery system, low operating costs and an excellent training platform make the SportStar RTC the most innovative solution for air clubs and pilot training organizations on the global market today.

The SportStar RTC is manufactured by Evektor-Aerotechnik, a Czech Republic-based EASA certified aircraft manufacturer. The company´s 45-year design and production experience is supported by a global network of Authorized Sales Representatives. With its fleet of 1,400+ delivered aircraft across 50 countries, Evektor-Aerotechnik is a highly regarded aircraft manufacturer for pilot training, air clubs and leisure flying. Evektor is also currently penetrating the market of business aviation with its EV-55 Outback - the new twin engine turboprop for the transportation of 9 to 14 passengers or cargo. The aircraft is currently under EASA´s certification process.

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