June 23, 2017

Electric powered SportStar EPOS presented at EXPO 2017 Astana

Electric powered SportStar EPOS presented at EXPO 2017 Astana

Evektor presents its electric powered light sport aircraft SportStar EPOS at EXPO 2017 Astana in Kazakhstan which is thematically focused on future energy. SportStar EPOS, displayed in a flight position, is one of the most prominent exhibits in the national pavilion of the Czech Republic at EXPO 2017.

Evektor belongs to the world leading aircraft manufacturers developing electric powered aircraft. Evektor´s two seat piston engine aircraft SportStar RTC and Harmony LSA enjoys a great popularity among flight training organizations, air clubs and private pilots in 50 countries worldwide and the company sees the future of flight training business and sport flying in the electric propulsion.

SportStar EPOS is a two seat light sport aircraft powered by 100 hp (75 kW) electric engine and 3-blade composite propeller. Engine performance is controlled by an electronic control unit, which ensures optimal use of the energy stored in the battery containers. Rechargeable electronic unit enables battery charging in the aircraft by using the current from a regular electrical outlet (220 V, 50 – 60 Hz) and battery charging out of the aircraft is possible from an external charging station (400 V). SportStar EPOS represents environmentally friendly solution, with zero emissions, noise reduction and significantly reduced operating costs compared to piston engine aircraft.

Based on the experience from demonstration project of SportStar EPOS Evektor continues in development of electric aircraft towards future serial production.

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