March 9, 2020

Evektor celebrates 50th anniversary of aircraft production at its plant in Kunovice

Evektor celebrates 50th anniversary of aircraft production at its plant in Kunovice

Evektor is marking 50th anniversary of aircraft manufacturing at its production plant in Kunovice. Aircraft production at Evektor premises was launched in 1970 when the company Aerotechnik was established as a producer of General Aviation airplanes and repair and maintenance organization.

History of aircraft manufacturing in the company is based on over 100-year tradition of aircraft production in the Czech Republic; whereas aircraft industry in Kunovice was established before the Second World War, in 1936.

Beside repairs and overhauls of “Zlin” and “L-60 Brigadýr” aircraft, in the period from 1980s to 1990s the company Aerotechnik was producing popular L-13 Vivat motor-glider, of which almost 200 were manufactured. In 1996 was acquired by Evektor – a prominent design and engineering company with extensive activities in aviation and automotive industries.

One of the World´s biggest manufacturers of training and pilot touring two seat aircraft

Long tradition, team of the aviation specialists experienced in civil and also military aircraft and the best production quality from certified aircraft manufacturer enabled Evektor-Aerotechnik to become one of the leaders and biggest producers of light sport aircraft on the market. Over 1400 aircraft delivered to 50 countries globally, with estimated 1,000,000 flight hours logged, together with 50 year aircraft manufacturing experience, EASA certified aircraft production, Evektor´s involvement in Civilian, Military and General Aviation programs make Evektor stand apart from the other LSA manufacturers.

Since second half of 1990s the company has been producing modern light sport airplanes for pilot touring and flight training.Evektor “EV-97 Eurostar“, manufactured since 1997, with almost 1000 delivered units, has become one of the best in operation proven advanced UL aircraft on the market. During more than 20 year of its production Evektor introduced 10 design generations of this model.

In 1999 Evektor introduced “EV-97 VLA Harmony” very light aircraft for pilot training which gained the Czech CAA JAR-VLA certification in 2003 and EASA certification in 2005. This EASA certified VLA aircraft became the base for development of Evektor “SportStar” - the very first aircraft in the world type approved by FAA in the light sport aircraft category in 2005 and holder of “S-LSA Aircraft of the Year” award from AeroNews Network a year later. SportStar has immediately become popular pilot training aircraft in flight training organizations in USA, Australia and other countries. In 2011 Evektor introduced FAA approved “Harmony LSA” - a further evolution of the SportStar, newly with tapered wing, longer fuselage and enhanced cockpit comfort.

SportStar RTC – an exellent training platform for air clubs and flight schools

The 6th generation of the SportStar, called “SportStar RTC” received EASA type certification in 2012. SportStar RTC is derivate from EASA VLA certified aircraft and offers benefits of lower acquisition and operating costs of CS-LSA category. Modern design, robust metal airframe proven in flight school operations in USA, Australia and EU countries, low operating costs and outstanding flight characteristics make the SportStar RTC an excellent training platform for PPL, LAPL, single engine CPL, Night training and time building in flight schools and air clubs. Spacious cabin, best in its class useful load, range 1300 km, state of the art Garmin G3X Touch glass avionics, ballistic recovery system option and night operation package make the aircraft popular also for touring of private pilots. In 2012, Evektor “SportStar SL” gained type certification from the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority CAAC and Evektor SportStar and its manufacturing plant has become the first and till today the only CAAC certified aircraft type and aircraft manufacturer from the Czech Republic.

Focus on modern technologies for cleaner, quiter and more economical aircraft operation

Evektor´s long-term commitment to light sport aviation and research of the new technologies for reduction of operating costs, CO2 and noise reduction has become base for development of an electric powered two seat aircraft. Evektor “SportStar EPOS” powered by 50 kw / later 75 kw (100 hp) electric engine made its first flight in March / 2013, making it one of the first flying two seat electric light sport aircraft in the world.

New generation utility twin engine turboprop under development

Beside serial production of light sport aircraft Evektor has under process of EASA certification a new generation twin engine turboprop EV-55 Outback for transportation of 9 /14 passengers or up to 1,770 kg of cargo, targeting utility aircraft market. EV-55 Outback powered by two PT6A-21 engines (536 hp each) offers high operation productivity and versatility. EV-55 STOL characteristics enable operation from short runways and also from airports with high altitudes at hot conditions, the aircraft can be operated also from unpaved air strips. The EV-55 has a big cabin and wide cargo doors for transportation of pallets, cabin can be flexibly modified from cargo to passenger version. The aircraft has low operating costs and compared to single engine utility aircraft the EV-55 Outback offers twin engine safety.

A reliable supplier for aerostructures and CNC machined parts for civil and military aerospace industry

For more than two decades Evektor Group has been a reliable partner also for deliveries of aerostructures, CNC machined parts, production tooling, aircraft interiors and design & engineering works for aeronautical industry, supporting programs in both civil as well as military aircraft manufacturers. The company is equipped with the latest production technologies, including 5-axes and 3-axes milling centres, CNC turning machines, CNC brake and rubber presses, sheet metal CNC roll bending, CNC water jet cutting and other technologies.

Evektor Group is involved in manufacturing programs of civil and military aircraft manufacturers. For the past two years the company has become a major supplier for airframe subassemblies for light attack aircraft and military jet trainer L-39NG from Aero Vodochody, delivering fuselage nose sections, rear fuselage sections with tail, horizontal stabilizer, rudder and elevator, air brakes and package of CNC machined parts.

For almost a decade Evektor make design and is supplier of upholstered parts and metal parts for lower deck mobile crew rests and kitchens for Airbus A320 aircraft.

Extensive design & engineering activities in aerospace and automotive industry

Evektor has an extensive design and engineering activities in aerospace, automotive and general engineering industries. With 300 designers and calculation specialists, 6 design and development centres in the Czech Republic, state of the art software equipment and rapid prototyping technologies the company belongs to major suppliers of design solutions and engineering analyses for aircraft and car manufacturers, space programs, rail vehicle manufacturers, general engineering and for special building structures. Beside number of other projects, the company participated in design of wing structure, fuel system, engine nacelles and cabin interior for L-410NG twin-engine, 19-seat commuter from Aircraft Industries, in cooperation with other companies Evektor was involved in fuselage design activities for Boeing 747-8 program and engineering analyses for Airbus A350 XWB, A340 500/600 and A3XX family aircraft.

Involvement in research programs focused one new technologies in aviation industry

Evektor cooperates closely with universities, research centres, industry leaders and participate actively in the research programs in the aerospace industry. Evektor belongs to the leading companies in the program Clean Sky 2 – the largest European research programme focused on cutting-edge technology aimed at CO2 and gas emissions reduction, noise reduction and a new propulsion technologies in aviation. The company is member of Clean Sky 2 consortium cooperating closely with Airbus, EADS, Alenia Aermacchi, Safran, Dassault Aviation, Rolls-Roayce and other members.

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