December 3, 2015

Long Hao Group China plans to buy 50 EV-55 Outback aircraft

Long Hao Group China plans to buy 50 EV-55 Outback aircraft

n November, 2015, Guangdong Long Hao Group Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Longhao Group") and the Czech Republic Evektor Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou wherein Longhao Group expresses the intention to buy 50 Evektor new multi-purpose aircraft, the EV-55.

Hao Lung Group is primarily a highway, infrastructure and public works investment and construction company, with integrated diversified cross-industry business interests in civil airports, aviation industrial parks, smart city engineering, new energy industry, environmental engineering, film and television media and high-tech development.

Evektor Group is a leading aircraft development and manufacturing company in the Czech Republic. It is also actively engaged in the design and development in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Its latest aircraft being designed and developed and soon to be produced is a 9 to 14-seater multi-purpose aircraft, the EV-55 Outback. Equipped with twin turboprop Pratt&Whitney engines and solid aluminum body, the EV-55 has an unprecedented level of performance, reliability and safety.  EV-55 Outback with its high payload, simple and inexpensive maintenance procedures and high operation versatility will play an important role in the aviation industry in Longhao Group, spearheading the growth of the general aviation in China.

Witnessed by Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad, the Strategic Cooperation Agreement was signed by the general manager of Longhao Group Mr. Zhao Jiguang and Mr. David Chew, Director of Evektor Group.

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