March 15, 2019

The 8th Evektor aircraft delivered to Top Gun Flight School in Italy

The 8th Evektor aircraft delivered to Top Gun Flight School in Italy

lready the 8th training aircraft from Evektor line of two seat trainers has been acquired by the flight training organization Top Gun Fly School from Reggio Emilia in Italy. Top Gun Fly School based at Reggio Emilia airport is a popular flight training organization, providing training to pilots of light sport aircraft and helicopters. Top Gun operates Evektor aircraft since 2005. During this period Evektor aircraft fleet in the school has logged 9000 flight hours. Beside fleet of Eurostar aircraft the flight school provides also renting of EASA certified SportStar RTC aircraft for PPL training.

“Modern design, extremely rugged platform, excellent reliability proven in an intensive operation of our flight school, popularity among flight instructors and students and outstanding operation economy make the Evektor training aircraft a main training aircraft in our flight training organization” said Paolo Baroni, owner of Evektor aircraft fleet operated by  Top Gun Fly School.

The delivered EuroStar SLW model was equipped with 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS engine, 3-blade propeller DUC Swirl Inconel, Garmin G3X Touch Screen avionics in combination with 6-pack analogue instrumentation.

Evektor is a design, engineering and aircraft manufacturing company from the Czech Republic, with almost 50 year of aircraft manufacturing experience and sales network in 40 countries worldwide. Evektor produces light sport aircraft and has under development utility twin engine turboprop EV-55 Outback for transportation of 9 to 14 passengers. The company is supplier of machined parts for OEMs and has extensive development activities in automotive and mechanical engineering industry.

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