3D Optical Scanning

3D optical scanning is in principle the transfer of a physical object into computer data by means of a 3D scanner. In comparison with contact measuring systems the optical scanner scans the entire surface at once. After scanning it creates a computer model of the scanned object and this enables its subsequent export to various data formats. A further function of the optical scanner is the comparison of the physical object with the CAD theoretical model and evaluation of the shape and position deviations.
3D Optical Scanning

Advantages of Optical Scanning

  • Immediate creation of a CAD model from the scanned data
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Mobility of measuring equipment
  • Evaluation of deviations from the CAD data delivered by the customer, acquirement of sections, etc.
  • Export of data to various formats
  • Possibility of combination with methods of Rapid Prototyping or CAM systems
  • Flexibility – it is possible to measure objects ranging from several millimetres to several meters
  • Weight and size of the measured object are practically unlimited
  • After surface treatment glossy and transparent objects can be measured

Suitable Use

  • Digitalization of the objects for which no production documentation is available
  • Dimension and shape inspection of objects
  • Reconstruction of damaged objects

3D Optical Scanning
3D Optical Scanning

Optical Scanning Services

  • Digitalization of objects
  • Evaluation of customer’s CAD data quality
  • Reconstruction of objects and the subsequent creation of a model by means of FDM technologies
  • Measuring at the customer’s production site
  • Minimum size of the part: 20 mm
  • Accuracy: 0.02 mm
  • Modul Reverse Engineering
3D Optical Scanning
3D Optical Scanning

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