Vacuum Casting

The technology of vacuum casting is suitable for small series production of prototype and final parts, namely in tens or even hundreds of pieces. The accuracy of such manufactured parts is comparable with the accuracy of parts manufactured by the technology of plastic injection molding. The costs for the production of metal injection mold are therefore eliminated. Production is a matter of days, depending on the number of manufactured parts and on the size and complexity of parts.
Vacuum Casting

Principle of Vacuum Casting

  • At first, the so called master model is created by means of 3D printing using FDM technology. However, the part supplied by the customer can be used as the master model instead.
  • The master model is embedded in silicone and after its removal the mould for casting is created which can be used multiple times.
  • Casting is carried out in the vacuum chamber. A special two-component material on the basis of polyurethane resin is used.

Advantages of Vacuum Casting Technology

  • Possibility of casting parts of complicated shapes, thin-wall parts or parts with negative bevels.
  • Production of small series of prototype or final parts (from dozens up to hundreds of pieces).
  • Favourable production costs in comparison with plastic injection moulding – the production of metal moulds is unnecessary.
  • Fast production – a matter of days.
  • The accuracy of production is comparable with the accuracy of parts manufactured by plastic injection moulding.
  • A wide range of possibilities for final surface treatment.
Vacuum Casting
Vacuum Casting

Suitable Applications

  • Production of plastic prototype parts.
  • Parts for dimension and function tests.
  • Design studies.
  • Low-series production of spare parts for which the original equipment is not available.


  • Evektor has the MK Vacuum Casting Chamber System II produced by MK Technology
  • Maximum weight of a manufactured part: 6 000 g
  • Working area: 850 x 850 x 800 mm
  • Working area (expansion module): 850 x 700 x 1800 mm
  • Max. volume of product: 5 l
Vacuum Casting
Vacuum Casting

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