The best aircraft solution for flight schools
SportStar RTC

EASA Certified Trainer & Pilot Touring Aircraft

  • Modern Design, Garmin G3X Glass Cockpit, Latest Safety Features
  • Robust Metal Airframe Proven in Intensive Flight Schools Operations 
  • Outstanding Control Harmonies & Flight Characteristics
  • Low Operating Costs & Easy Maintenance
  • 1300 km Range, 255 kg Usable Load   
  • EASA Certified for VFR Day & Night Operation
Operated by more than a thousand pilots

The Key to Your Flight School Success

  • Excellent Training Platform for PPL, LAPL, Night, Single Engine CPL & PIC Time Building
  • Business Model & Operation Proven by Flight Schools in EU, USA and Australia
  • Best Operation Economy in its Class
  • Designed with Easy Maintenance & Intensive Operation in Mind
  • Favourite among Flight Instructors and Pilot Students

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"In 2005 I made a decision to purchase the Evektor SportStar. In January of 2006 I ordered my first SportStar and put it to work in the flight school. We put 700 hours on that aircraft in less than a year. That SportStar was very popular with flight instructors because of the ease of training pilots in an aircraft with such great flying characteristics. The students liked the aircraft not only because of the ease of operation but also for the attractive styling and comfort of the SportStar. I liked it because of the economical operation and minimal maintenance requirements."

AB Flight, Allentown, Pensylvania

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