General Engineering

Evektor has been cooperating with the leading German manufacturer of gardening machines since 1994.
General Engineering

Development for serial production

Evektor has successfully completed a number of projects in the area of optimization of serial products, development support of new products and also pre-development support of new machine concepts and their structural elements. Evektor focuses above all on fulfilment of the customer´s functional and economic requirements while respecting ergonomic, hygienic and other standards.

Design and erogonomic studies

Evektor standardly carries out design and ergonomic studies, conceptual designs of new machines, designs and optimizations of drives (combustion engines, electric motors and gearboxes), plastic and light metal casings designs, optimizations of parts & subassemblies and machine modernizations.

Development and design

  • Small equipment and machines
  • Topics: emissions, safety, vibrations, ergonomics
  • Emissions, safety, vibrations, ergonomics
  • Small combustions engines and electric motors
  • Mechanisms
  • Parts from plastics and light metals
  • Fuel systems
  • Research projects
    - Reduction of noise and vibrations
    - Drive
    - Axles for small vehicles
    - Small vehicles for municipal enterprises
    - Measuring and test benches (incl production)
General Engineering
General Engineering

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